24 Sussex Drive . Project Summary

Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Project Type: Conceptual Design
Scope of Work: Design
Project Summary: Contribution to Ottawa Magazine for a feature on the redevelopment of the Prime Minister’s residence.  (Concept was to assume there was no existing building on the site, embodying all of the history that 24 Sussex does.)  This approach to providing a replacement for the buildings at 24 Sussex Drive would serve as a Canadian landmark, a workplace, an event venue and a private home for the Prime Minister of Canada.The proposed building features an iconic entry tower, oriented toward the residence of the Governor General, defines the building in the landscape and welcomes visitors to the site.  Views from the home extend to the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill and the flag pole on top of Rideau Hall.

A projection out of the cliff focuses views from the site over the confluence of the Ottawa, Rideau and Gatineau rivers.  An exhibition hall descends slowly, from the main floor through the ground, providing access to the shore of the Ottawa River.  A wave shaped roof-wall protects occupants from the elements and provides a surface to integrate resource collection systems.

Certification: LEED for Homes Platinum Certification (hypothetical)
Passive House Certified (hypothetical)
R-2000 (hypothetical)
Lot Size: 3.98 acres
Land Value: $7,500,000 (estimated)
Construction Value: $15,000,000 (estimated)
Design Goals: certifiable to the passive house standard
view from home over the confluence of the Ottawa, Rideau and Gatineau rivers
view from home of the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill
view from home of the flag pole on top of Rideau Hall
focused view from Sussex Drive of the home’s entry
semi-public grounds (for events) between home’s entry and Sussex Drive with berms and heavy vegetation to screen views inward and outward
focused views of the Ottawa River
physical connection between the home and the shore of the Ottawa River
hidden security and service elements
Iconic Design Elements: ceremonial walkway – from Rideau Hall / Sussex Drive to entry
entry tower – view from balcony to Parliament Hill and Rideau Hall
projection through cliff toward river – connection with river, enhanced views
roof wave – organic form, featuring wood structure
linear exhibition corridor connecting entry to cliff, past all major (public) program elements – a collection of Canadiana connected by an architectural river
Design Features – Material Qualities: significant use of wood structural elements such as gluelam roof rafters, beams and columns
stone (partially repurposed from existing home) as a veneer on some walls
vegetated roof with smooth surface
sculptural elements referencing “the log jam”
landscape design organized in reference to the regional ecologies of Canada (planted with representative specimens from all regions)
Spacial Organization of Program: majority of spaces maximize views to the south and west
event spaces positioned toward the river
work spaces toward the road
private family residence isolated above event spaces, work spaces and service spaces
mechanical, storage and secret program elements assumed below grade
private outdoor spaces for family above grade
semi-public outdoor spaces at grade, south west of building
Passive House / Resiliency Features: wave roof-wall with surface area great enough to accommodate photovoltaic generation system (with storage capacity) capable of rendering the building net-positive (in terms of energy demands)
air source heat-pump technology used for space heating and cooling
extremely high efficiency heat recovery ventilation system with humidity control function
on-site potable water storage and emergency water treatment system
building envelope with extremely high levels of air tightness and insulation, with no thermal bridging
main axis of building running generally east-west to maximize solar exposure
restrained use of glazing (goal of 30% of vertical surface area – glazing primarily on south facade, minimized on north, east and west facades
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