3336 County Road 3 . Project Summary

Location: Lyndhurst – Blacks Rapids, Ontario
Project Type: New Construction
Scope of Work: Architectural Design
Project Summary: Design of a new passive house certified home on a forested property overlooking the Gananoque River
Construction Start: November 2012
Occupancy: June 2015
Certification: Passive House Certified
Lot Size:  4.5 acres
Treated Floor Area (TFA): 0 ft2
Annual Heat Demand (HD): 15.3 kWh/(m2a)          4.85 kBTU/(ft2 yr)
Heating Load (HL): 10.4 W/m2                  3.30 BTU/(ft2 hr)
Annual Cooling Demand (CD): 2.3 kWh/(m2a)            0.73 kBTU/(ft2 yr)
Cooling Load (CL): 3.6 W/m2                   1.14 BTU/(ft2 hr)
Frequency Overheating (FO): 12.8 %
Primary Energy Demand (PE): 80 kWh/(m2a)          25.37 kBTU/(ft2 yr)
Pressurization Test Results: 0.34 ACH50
Land Value: (undisclosed)
Construction Value: (undisclosed)
Soft Costs: (undisclosed)
Consultants: VERT plan.design.build
(Architectural Design)
Homesol Building Solutions
(Passive House Consultant)
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