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“The only constant is change.” (Heraclitus, philosopher, c. 535 – c. 475 BCE)

Support for the renovation and addition to the home at 205 Crichton Street continued at the Ottawa City Council meeting this morning.  (Download Ottawa City Council Agenda for May 14, 2014.)  Council approved the Heritage Permit Application without discussion, based on its broad support.  The planning approvals process will now continue at the Committee of Adjustment in June or July where applications for minor variances to the zoning bylaw will be considered in conjunction with an application for consent to sever the lot into two portions.  (Should the application for minor variances and consent be unsuccessful, the planning approvals process will continue at the Ontario Municipal Board.)

Ultimately, the last step in the approvals process may be the issuance of a City of Ottawa Construction Permit that will allow me to fulfil the original intention for the building at 205 Crichton Street.  A Construction Permit will also enable the creation of another resource efficient building in New Edinburgh, one that will serve as a model of better building practices for others working to renew old neighbourhoods across Canada. (The first Certified PHIUS Passive House in Canada was designed and built by VERT on Crichton Street in 2010.)  The design for the building promises to improve the character of the New Edinburgh Heritage Conservation District while meeting PHI Passive House and LEED Platinum Certifications, the highest residential building standards sought in North America.

Notwithstanding the protracted approvals process, VERT is committed to supporting the renewal of New Edinburgh through the completion of 205 Crichton Street in 2015.

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