Prospective Client Information

Thank you for your interest in exploring the possibility of working together on your project. The process of developing a strong working relationship starts with the exchange of information. Please answer the following preliminary questions to help us know you and your and project needs better. Please expand on your answers to whatever extent you feel comfortable.

1. What is your full name?

2. What is your email address?

3. What is your telephone number (or numbers)?

4. What are the names of any other decision makers associated with the project? (Please provide email addresses and telephone numbers for other decision makers.)

5. What is your current home address?

6. What is the municipal address of the project site?

7. How can VERT help you?

8. When would you like to start your planning and design process?

9. When would you like to start construction?

10. When do you expect the project will be ready for occupancy?

11. Do you foresee being unable to be involved in your project at any point between now and 6 months beyond your expected occupancy date? If so, why?

12. If you have begun developing a project budget, how much have you allocated for: Planning Approvals; Architectural Design; Other Design Consultants (surveying, structural engineering, etc.); Municipal Fees (development, permit fees); Construction Management; Construction Costs; and, Third Party Certification (Passive House, LEED, Energy Star)?

13. Have you ever built a new home or renovated an existing home? What it a positive or negative experience? Why?

14. Would you like to share any other information?

15. How did you find out about VERT


We would be pleased to answer any questions you might pose by email ( or by telephone (613-244-9484).

vertProspective Client Information