3685 Donnelly Drive . Construction Images

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3685 Donnelly Drive

Construction images of the first cement stabilized reinforced insulated rammed earth wall home built in Ottawa:


Wood forms lined with XPS foam to receive reinforced concrete footings


Custom built form for inner and outer wythes of rammed earth wall.  Middle layer of polyisocyanurate insulation.  Vertical reinforcement standing out of concrete footing.


Adding coloured water (11 to 13%) with a silicate emulsion to conglomerate of clay, silt, sand, aggregate and 8 to 10% Portland cement on mixing pad.


Preparing the pneumatic tampers for compaction of conglomerate of materials


Mechanical stabilization of material in lifts of approximately 6”. Lines defining lifts visible in finished walls. Chemical stabilization is achieved by the hydration of Portland cement. Billet steel bars (visible in wall form) are incorporated vertically and horizontally in each wythe to reinforce the wall. Welded steel wire fabric is used to connect the wythes through the insulation layer.


Chamfered corners in rammed earth walls at window and door openings


Polyisocyanurate insulation sandwiched between reinforced inner and outer wythes


Electrical junction box and conduit embedded in rammed earth wall


Garage building nearing completion

(more to follow)

vert3685 Donnelly Drive . Construction Images