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Project Description

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The budget of this project was as tight as the site on which it is located. This outcome was a home with living space that reached as high as the client’s project goals. Constrained by a limited budget and a City of Ottawa Heritage District, the home emerges from a severed side yard. The front third of the home presents a two story brick facade with porch and peaked roof that echoes the predominant architectural typology of the neighbourhood and maintains the rhythm of the street. The rear two-thirds of the home rises to three stories under a flat roof that serves as a generous outdoor amenity space. Curved walls soften interior spaces illuminated and ventilated by a three story column open to the sky.

Selected green design strategies:

  • High efficiency on-demand boiler for in floor hydronic heating system and potable water
  • Agilia Screed A (lightweight-concrete-like) floor topping throughout home with excellent heat transfer and retention properties provides excellent temperature modulation
  • Green roof system planted with drought resistant low maintenance vegetation provides additional insulation, minimizes storm water run-off, decreases heat-island effect and creates micro-habitat
  • Soya and recycled plastic based spray in place polyurethane foam insulation provides superior air tightness and insulation values: R30 wall and R50 roof assembly
  • Insulated concrete forms provide superior insulation values: R22 foundation walls, R12 basement floor slab
  • Natural lighting and ventilation through 3 story light well and ventilation stack improves quality of indoor environment

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