We love our home!

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In 2005 when I decided to leave the firm I had been working for in search of something more rewarding, it was this kind of message that I was seeking: From: “Gabrielle” Subject: We love our home!!! Date: June 3, 2014 at 10:29:30 AM GMT-4 To: “chris@vertdesign.ca” Cc: “MarcAntoine” Hi Chris! That’s it, basically, thank you SO, SO MUCH: we love our home!  Every day!  All the … Read More

vertWe love our home!

Letter of Reference

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VERT designed John and Lorie’s home in our second year of operation.  (We have worked on over 50 projects since then.)  It is very rewarding to know that they still love their home as much now as when they first saw the plans on paper.  Although it has been several years since I worked on the original project, it was very nice to receive … Read More

vertLetter of Reference