Preliminary Concept and Consultation

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In February I presented a preliminary concept for a renovation and addition to 205 Crichton Street to the New Edinburgh Community Alliance Heritage and Development Committee (NECA HDC).

Download a copy of the preliminary concept for 205 Crichton Street presented to the NECA HDC.

Written comments were received from the committee a month later.  In the covering email message to which the committee’s comments were attached, committee Chairperson Michael Histed wrote: “The Committee agreed that this is an exciting opportunity to showcase both Heritage and environmental design.”  In the body of the letter, the Chairperson wrote that: “The Committee commends the efforts to combine environmental sustainability with the objective of maintaining the historical character of this “Gateway” property.”

The NECA HDC  also made five additional comments or recommendations in response to the initial consultation, specifically concerning:

  1. the site’s classification as a Gateway property;
  2. on site parking;
  3. the gross floor area of the project;
  4. the relationship between the facade of the addition and the facade of the existing building; and,
  5. balconies on the west facade of the existing building.

Download a copy of the response letter sent by the NECA HDC.

Although I have fundamental differences of opinion with some members of the NECA HDC concerning development within Heritage Conservation Districts, I respect the interests of the members and appreciate their perspective.  I certainly intend to consider the NECA HDC comments while making revisions to the preliminary plans.


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