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The following descriptive text concerning the property at 205 Cricthon Street is an excerpt from the due diligence work prepared in advance of its purchase:

The subject property is located on the southwest corner of the intersection of Crichton Street and Dufferin Road (Part of Lots 20 & 21 in Block 18, Registered Plan 42, City of Ottawa) at the periphery of the New Edinburgh Heritage Conservation District (HCD), click to download plans.

There subject property is bound to the rear (south) by River Lane.  Across River Lane is a public space crossed by a recreational pathway.  Immediately west of the subject property is a two story detached residence typical of the neighbourhood, with a gable ended sloped roof over the original building as well as a rear addition and an attached garage.  Modern two and three story row homes with low slope roofs and articulated facades are built on the southeast and northeast corners of the intersection.  The row homes on the northeast corner are characterized by street facing garages whereas those on the southeast corner have parking to the rear of the building. A treed public space bound by the sidewall of a contemporary block of three story row homes and the sidewall of the former Crichton Street School.  Cladding on buildings immediately surrounding the subject property includes a mix of brick, architectural stone, stucco and wood.

The subject property’s covered front porch projects into the front yard toward the treed Crichton Street median and sidewalk.  The front yard (3.38m – 3.445m in depth) is covered by a grass lawn, shrubs, and a flower garden.

The narrow corner side yard (0.365m – 0.4m in depth) along Dufferin Road is bordered by a wide median (approximately 5.0m deep) between the curb and property line covered primarily by asphalt or concrete: a driveway (to the attached garage), a parking space (perpendicular to the driveway), a walkway (adjoining the building), and a sidewalk.  Approximately 30 percent of the median is covered with grass lawn and shrubs.

The interior side yard (2.38m – 3.27m in depth) adjoining the neighbouring home is covered by an asphalt walkway and parking area, as well as a narrow strip of lawn along the property line.

The rear yard is covered primarily by a grass lawn with a cedar hedge at its eastern and southern periphery.  The west side of the rear yard is covered by a driveway and parking area isolated from the lawn area with a rail fence and hedge.

The grade falls 1.0m from the northeast corner to the southwest corner of the property.

The subject property is zoned R4S, with exception 900 and a Heritage Overlay.

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