Tests Satisfied: Committee of Adjustment Approval Received

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This afternoon the City of Ottawa Committee of Adjustment approved of our application for minor variances and gave consent to sever the property at 205 Crichton Street.  The appeal period will end 20 days from the date of the Committee’s written Decisions. (Minor Variance Decision & Consent Decision) Assuming no appeal is made, the planning approvals phase of the project will end in early August.  (If an appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board is made, we will defend our proposal vigorously.)

The project team is now focused on resolving the many outstanding questions of architectural design, structural engineering and building science that are of no interest to the planning process.  We look forward to submitting a construction permit application in August for what may become the first building in Canada located within a heritage conservation district to receive the LEED for Homes Platinum certification and the Passive House certification – two of the highest levels of achievement for green building in the world.

vertTests Satisfied: Committee of Adjustment Approval Received