We love our home!

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In 2005 when I decided to leave the firm I had been working for in search of something more rewarding, it was this kind of message that I was seeking:

From: “Gabrielle”
Subject: We love our home!!!
Date: June 3, 2014 at 10:29:30 AM GMT-4
To: “chris@vertdesign.ca”
Cc: “MarcAntoine”

Hi Chris!

That’s it, basically, thank you SO, SO MUCH: we love our home!  Every day!  All the time!  We’re so happy with everything!  We can’t say it enough!

Every time I walk by the window we added to the “old” living room, I feel happy and content by the cool breeze which flows from our bedroom to the rest of the house (sometimes vice versa) and I think how thankful I am for all of your great advice!

There are some elements of interior finishing which we have set aside for now, as we are completely focused on the exterior.  I don’t remember where we were last time you came by, but now, the exterior finishing (cedar and corrugated metal) has been installed and it looks amazing!  We are so happy with our choice!  The bike rack is also here and we use it every day (Marc-Antoine built a beautiful cedar fence to close-off the “car”-port).

As you know, we had planed to work in phases, so that’s what we’re doing, we won’t be redoing the kitchen or the bedrooms anytime soon which means the exterior finishing on the front of the house won’t be changing either right now.  We are fine with that, we’ll paint the brick this summer and that will be a great improvement.  Though our work is quite slow, we are completely comfortable with the pace things are moving at. The things we needed done to be comfortable in and around the house are pretty much done, or are in progress (on the weekends).

We’ve started planting some trees and plants in the backyard, all donated or free once you clued us onto “free trees” we started looking around and have found many people getting rid of plants and trees, it simply makes sense for us to pick those up before buying any!  In that line of thought, would you let us know of a good moment we could get-together to go by your property and pick-up more trees.  (We’ve certainly passed the optimal moment for transplantation, but we thought we’d give it a try any way, right!?)

I’ll send a series of pictures soon, you can share them with Matthew, who’s work and advice of course we also really appreciated!

Hopping all is well with you and yours, with a special thought for your own little “addition”.


vertWe love our home!